Help BBBike Garmin custom map extracts

Welcome to the BBBike Garmin custom map extracts help page! This help page is about how to install a ready extract on your Garmin device or computer.

Please read the general help page first how to use the BBBike extract sercice and run your extract.

Install a custom Garmin map on your device

Installing a custom Garmin image on your device is easy:
  1. connect your Garmin with a USB cable to your computer (or your SD card). You will see the Garmin device as a disk/storage in the explorer
  2. download the zip file and open it. There is a gmapsupp.img file inside
  3. copy the gmapsupp.img file to your Garmin device in the folder /Garmin with the explorer (Windows) or finder (MacOS). You can do this also on the command line on Linux/FreeBSD.

That's all. You are done! See also Installing_the_map_onto_your_GPS

The BBBike extract service is platform independent - for Windows, MacOS, Linux, FreeBSD etc. There is no windows .exe installer, and there are no other special tools required.

YouTube tutorials

There are several YouTube tutorials available how to use the BBBike extract service for Garmin. The videos are available in different languages, in English, German, Spanish, Polish, and Ukrainian etc.

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Perfekte OSM-Ausschnitte (Teil 2): komplexe, polygonale Ausschnitte (German)

See also the other parts

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See also the blog article

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View a custom Garmin map on your PC

You can open the custom Garmin image on your computer with BaseCamp or QMapShack and view the map.


Garmin internals

Routing is enabled for the Garmin maps. Depending on your device, it is possible to store more than one Garmin map (or with different styles) on your Garmin.

By default all generated Garmin maps from OpenStreetMap data will use the code page Unicode (UTF-8). However, some older devices don't support Unicode and some new devices have a broken DRM firmware ("can not unlock map"). In this special case please use the latin1 variant. Garmin SRTM extracts use always the ASCII/latin1 character set.

Screenshots of Garmin styles

Here are some small example extracts with all Garmin styles for: Luxembourg, Jordan, and Cambodia.

Garmin Styles

osmstandard OpenStreetMap style, best for cars
ajt03map style for, specifically useful to rural pedestrians
cyclemap style similar to, for cyclist
leisuremap style from, for outdoor activities. The .img file is ~30% larger than the osm/cycle file
bbbikemap style from similar to German maps, for outdoor activities
onroada Garmin style for older devices with less space - usually 1/10 the size of Garmin OSM, see, for outdoor activities / racing bikes
ontraila Garmin style for older devices with less space - usually 1/5 the size of Garmin OSM, see, for outdoor activities / hike & bike
openfietslitemap style from, for outdoor activities. Lite version
openfietsfullmap style from, for outdoor activities. Full version
opentopomap style from, topographic map style with high contrast
oseammap style from, the free nautical chart

Terms of Service / Copyright

  • Map data (©) contributors.
  • Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM), by NASA, public domain.

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